Foley and Miles

Customer Service

Remote Access Tracking Technology

We live in a demanding and fast paced world. Providing great customer service within the haulage industry demands more than just detailed routing and planning. That is why we utilise remote access tracking technology. Vehicle tracking systems are an essential tool for managing a large commercial fleet. We have invested heavily in the latest TomTom vehicle tracking technology to enable us to provide a better customer service. Not only does it help us provide an excellent service to our customers, it also helps us monitor and contain our environmental impact.

Using GPS and remote access tracking technology enables us to display the exact position of our vehicles on an interactive map in real time. By knowing where our vehicles are at all times, we can make better and informed decisions and give our customers more accurate ETA’s and even spot potential problems before they arise.

Our tracking systems include a range of features to help save fuel and time. The two biggest factors associated with running a large fleet are fuel and time. By using the latest technology we can try to reduce these factors, helping us to limit our environmental impact and provide a more efficient and cleaner service to our customers.

24/7 Service

Within our demanding and fast paced world, we appreciate that not all deliveries and customer requirements can operate within the normal 9-5 working day. Our commitment exceeds this massively and we are delighted to offer our customers a 24 hour, 7 days a week service. Should your requirement demand an out of hours delivery or perhaps a weekend load, we are geared up and ready for any challenge. Whether you require an Artic, Rigid of even a Bulk Aggregate Tipper, we are here to provide solutions to your haulage needs. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Nationwide Service

With over sixty vehicles on our fleet and growing, our coverage can cover many parts of the UK. Being based in Purfleet, Essex our main strengths are based within the South East and The Home Counties but we can also assist with customer requirements that go further afield. With over 20 years’ experience in the haulage industry , we have built up a massive amount of contacts and knowledge which helps us deliver up and down the UK in a reliable and cost effective manner. Via our partners and sub-contractors we can provide you with a flexible service which covers many parts of the UK. Contact us directly with your requirements.