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Rock Salt & De-Icing Salt

Are you prepared for the Winter Months? Let our De-Icing Products get you through it.

With the Winter months upon us, it is vitally important to prepare for the inevitable. With over 60 vehicles on our fleet, we appreciate the importance of keeping a business moving throughout the harshest Winter months. Failing to prepare can leave you stranded and cost your business thousands.

We can help guide you through it. We have the facility to offer a range of bulk and packed De-icing products to suit a variety of requirements. We are pleased to offer both White and Brown Salt options, which are available loose, bulk bagged or poly bagged.

Bulk Loose Salt

We have access to thousands of tonnes of Brown Rock Salt and White Marine Salt across most of the UK Ports. Should you have a loose requirement, we can deliver via our own fleet of 29 tonne tippers across most parts of the UK. If your requirement is smaller, we can also deliver in 20 tonne loose loads locally. All material is weighed upon collection and despatch notes are provided upon delivery.

Poly Bagged Salt 25kg approx.

The ultimate in convenience, allowing you to transport the salt exactly where you need it in preparation for spreading. Available in 25kg approx. bags with 40 units per pallet.  All of our packaging is plain and is free of any of our contact details, given you the option of resale to your own customers.

Bulk Bags

As a Salt supplier we can offer you the convenience of having the salt contained in bulk bags, which also helps reduce wastage and is better value than our poly bags. All of our bulk bags are filled to a capacity of 900kg approx. 


All of our De-Icing Salts are sourced responsibly and are produced to the very highest standards. Both our Brown and White De-Icing salts comply and exceed BS3247 2011.

Contact us today for collected or delivered rates. Nationwide deliveries available.

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